Overview of Smart Home solutions

Blind control

Intelligently controlling heat via the sun

Automatically operated blinds increase comfort and also save energy. If it is cold outside, you can use the rays of the sun during the day to save heating costs. In the evening the roller blinds retain the heat in the house and additionally insulate. In the summer they offer protection against direct sunlight.


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The intelligent blind control unit from Busch-Jaeger saves you heating costs and reduces the expenditure for the air conditioning of your rooms. Lowered roller blinds insulate in the winter against cold, while in the summer the temperature remains pleasantly cool. The function is operated completely flexible via the Smart Home panel, switch or with the app for smartphone and tablet.


Bild eines Schalters für die Jalousiesteuerung des Systems Busch-free@home, von Busch Jaege, Wippe 2-fachABB-free@home® rocker, 2-gang, with icon "Blind" future® linear / studio white matt 
Ansicht einer Wand an der ein Busch-free@home® Schalter hängt. Neben dem Schalter sieht man noch Bücher und zwei Vasen.

Everything-off function

The easiest way to switch off

You are not sure whether all the lights in the house are switched off? No problem: With the practical everything-off function all devices in the house can be switched off simultaneously. A cost-saving function for greater energy efficiency and your safety.


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Bild einer Busch-free@home Wireless Sensoreinheit von Busch-JaegerABB-free@home® wireless sensor unit, 1-gang, future® linear / studio white matt 

The pre-programmed everything-off switch offers the option of switching all devices off simultaneously. This is a preset scene which can be operated easily via a switch on the wall or with the app for smartphone and tablet. This is how you ensure while travelling that unnecessary power consumers such as lamps are actually switched off.


Bild einer Busch-free@home Wireless Sensoreinheit von Busch-JaegerABB-free@home® wireless sensor unit, 1-gang, future® linear / studio white matt 
Ansicht einer Wand an der ein Raumtemperaturregler hängt. Rechts neben dem Schalter hängt ein Bild, links neben dem Schalter stehen zwei Vasen.

Heating & air-conditioning

Heating to suit specific requirements

Our smart Home heating supports efficient regulation of the room temperature and improves your personal energy budget with an individual temperature control that is not dependent on the time of day. It is suitable both for radiators as well as floor heating.


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Busch-Jaeger has a multitude of solutions in the program which make possible an efficient and comfortable control of the heating. This, for example, allows the heating and air conditioning to be operated via Smart Home panels, a large selection of different room temperature controllers or via my ABB-LivingSpace also while travelling. The Smart Home heating recognizes the need for heat in your house and saves energy costs due to suitable heating. At night or during absence the heating automatically switches to energy-saving mode and the temperature is reduced. The heating switches off automatically also during ventilating. This means, heating off and at the same time saving energy and money.


Bild des Raumtemperaturreglers future linear von Busch-Jaeger.Room temperature controller, future® linear / studio white matt 
Radiator thermostat Basic 
Bild des Heizkörperthermostat Comfort von Busch-Jaeger.Radiator thermostat Comfort 


Intelligent saving and controlling of energy

With our intelligent storage solution for your photovoltaic system, you can optimally determine when and where you use the produced solar energy in your own home.


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Bild eines ABB Reacts von Busch-JaegerABB React 

The REACT energy storage system from ABB makes possible the efficient use of stored solar energy for apartment buildings. REACT is available as 3.6 kW or 4.6 kW single-phase inverter with a lithium ion battery that is already installed in the housing and has a capacity of 2 kWh. This makes it possible to store the surplus energy that is generated by the photovoltaic system during peak times for later use. This, for example, makes the stored energy additionally usable during periods when there is a higher demand for energy. The storage capacity of REACT can also be extended by further 2 kWh blocks up to a maximum of 6 kWh. Four integrated load management outputs, as well as an AC auxiliary voltage output, care for network-independent operation during a power failure. For easy handling, REACT is compatible with the home automation of ABB-free@home®. In addition, customers can manage the energy consumption of their building via an app for smartphones or tablets also while travelling.

Bild eines ABB Reacts von Busch-JaegerABB React 

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